Product Overview

Our products are organized in Product Types, Product Families and Products. The Product Types are:

  • XenCure - consisting our Q-T polysiloxanes with reactive functional groups, designed as exceptional additives for reactive curing systems, including details on our water-soluble package for select compounds.
  • XenSlick - our range of Q-T polysiloxanes with alkyl or hydrophobic functional groups, highlighting their superior hydrophobic characteristics suitable for emulsifying and defoaming.
  • XenRes - our Q-T polysiloxane hybrid resins. These combine reactive blends comprising XenCure products with an active resin component, offering a simple way to use our products in your formulatoin as compatible coresins.

The above listed Product Types contain different Product Families:

  • XenCure A - primary amino
  • XenCure 2A - aminoethyl-amino
  • XenCure S - mercapto
  • XenCure 4S - tetrasulfide
  • XenCure V - vinyl
  • XenCure G - glycidoxy
  • XenCure U - methacryloxy
  • XenCure C - carboxyl/anhydide
  • XenSlick M - mehtyl
  • XenSlick P - propyl
  • XenSlick iB - is-butyl
  • XenSlick O - octyl
  • XenSlick iO - iso-octyl
  • XenSlick R - phenyl
  • XenRes H - silane modified polymer
  • XenRes I - isocyanate
  • XenRes U - acrylate/methacrylate
  • XenRes E - epoxy

More information on our product can be found in our Product Overview Brochure. Since most of our products are more systems than products, we would like to know who is interested in using them and might want to enter into a partnership with us. Therefore, we ask you to register using the contact form under "Contact" and select the desired brochure(s). You will then automatically receive the respective download links.